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HeroSong is a 501(c)3 that records original music for Veterans, Active Military and 1st Responders.

We take song submissions and facilitate the production of a fully recorded track. We produce songs in professional studios with established session musicians, producers and engineers.

Donations and revenue will be used to record our heroes’ music and for the construction of a new state of the art recording facility in Ft. Myers.

Adam Martin and Joe Scarlotte are our two recorded heroes.

Latest Tracks of HEROSONG

Street Lights

By: Adam Martin

Welcome Home

By: Steve Smith

Echos from Vietnam

By: Joe Scarlott

A Little About Hero Song

The concept for Hero Song began during a recording session in Nashville, TN when Steve Smith and Julian Sundby tracked “Welcome Home.” The song reflects on a hero returning from the Vietnam War and being treated poorly by the rest of society.

The song addresses the fact that many of the heroes that have served this nation were never welcomed home. Some, totally neglected.

Readjusting to civilian life can be difficult. Especially when issues such as PTSD, depression and other service related illnesses affect daily life.

Steve and Julian decided to set up a non-profit that records original songs written by Veterans, Active Military and 1st responders at no cost.

  • Music is therapeutic.
  • Music can open the door to careers in the industry.
  • Music can raise awareness to the heroes that serve us.
  • Hero Song Inc is here to help songwriters take a song and share it with many.
  • Directors: Steve Smith, David Sundby, Julian Sundby

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Donate Now to HEROSONG

Receive a Free Download of ‘Welcome Home’ when you make a donation.